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If your business has a web site that is looking a bit old, needs and upgrade, or just needs some special attention this is the package for you. Giving an old web site a redesign or updating platforms is often needed to keep your business up to date with growing technologies. However, this process , if not done carefully can do more damage than good. Our team of experienced developers know the ins and outs of properly overhauling a site.

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Local Business Overhaul Package Details
Transfer Site To CMSGet your old site moved to a new Content Management System.
SEO OverhaulSites that have been around for a while often need to be overhauled in order to rank on search engines. When updating a site it's import to make sure all the search engines know about the update, otherwise you may loose site traffic.
Multiple Theme Design ConceptsWe will present you with a number of different design theme concepts that we feel fit your business. You can then choose your preferred design theme which we will work from to develop the rest of the site.
Content Get up to 5 pages (3000 words) of custom written content for your site and up to 20 professional images.
Site Features Select up to 5 site features. Site Features are various items that you may choose to add your site, such as a google calendar, rss feed, flash animation etc.... See the full list of site features here.
Free Domain RegistrationGet your domain registered free of charge for the first year.
Sitemap PageFree Sitemap page (not included in pages total). A must for SEO, this page notifies search engines of all the rest of the pages on your site.
Google/Bing MapGet on Google and bing maps. This helps local customers find you easily when they do a web search.
Google/Bing Local BusinessRegister your business on local business. This is a great way to get to the top of the search results for when local customers search for you.
Web HostingGet 1 year of free web hosting. We provide enterprise quality hosting with cpanel access, which means your site will be fast. Site speed is becoming increasingly important in getting your site ranked high on Google.
Document/Media UploadUpload Documents or media files to your web site. Allow users to download or access files right your site.
CMS SetupBuild your site on a Content Management System. This gives you full control over updating and making changes to your site. You can choose if you want the whole site on a CMS or just certain portions of the site.
Facebook/Twitter Page Setup We set up a professional twitter and Facebook account for your . Social media can play a big role in driving traffic to your business.
Yelp/Yellow Pages Getting set up on Yelp and Yellow pages is a great channel for getting up on search engines.
SEO We will optimize your site for search engines and implement a strategy for getting your site up on google. This is customized for each business but may include, localized content marketing, keyword targeting, link building and other SEO strategies.
Google Analytics Implementation Get a Google Analytics account. Google analytics is a great way to monitor your site traffic, sales and number of other metrics to gauge how your site is doing.
Google/Bing Webmaster ToolsGoogle and Bing webmaster tools provide a way to help optimize your site for search engines, view what sites are linking to you, and they offer a number of other tools to help keep your site "healthy".
Email HostingUp to 15 free email accounts.
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